Expanded Horizons is a social group for independent adults with learning disabilities and autism, aged 18 or older. Joining is free of charge and membership is only determined via subscription to this mailing list.   Upon signing up, within a few days, one will get a phone call from me for a short telephone interview.

To participate in events one must:
-Be able to get self to and from events.
-Be able to understand and pay personal costs at events.
-Be able to comprehend verbal communication.
-Be able to attend meetings or events without a chaperone.

At events and online meeting the following rules must be abided by or be asked to leave an event and/or deletion from this list:
-No bullying or harassment.
-No alcohol will be consumed at any event, regardless of where they may occur. 
-No crude or hateful language. 
-No drama. 
-No politics. Expanded Horizons supports diversity of thought. 

By signing up for this mailing list, I state that I am able to meet the requirements and will abide by the rules of Expanded Horizons. 
I also understand that Expanded Horizons reserves the right to determine who remains on the mailing list at their sole discretion. 
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This is so we can contact you during events and emergencies